Aquatic Therapy



. What is Aquatic Therapy?
It is therapy or rehabilitation performed in water. Aquatic therapy involves physical activity, exercise and motion in presence of professionals such as therapists or trainers depending on type of required therapy. This therapy allows for a speedier recovery because pain is oneself what it is on land

Who should use aquatic therapy?
Disabled people, especially children with disability as well as patients
with all types of physical or muscular injuries such as joints, back pain, hip injuries and even arthritis patients. Aquatic therapy allows patients to do exercises in the water they never thought possible. Thus their bodies are strengthened to enable them to walk again or at least maintain their present level of life.

How does aquatic therapy help patients?
On land, the able body has to fight gravity with every step he/she takes. However, the disabled body or the injured patient have lost full or partial access to normal functions and is not able to do those motions. 
The water adds an environment that counteracts gravity. Thus the disabled is again empowered by being in this partial weightless environment. In fact, NASA uses swimming pools to train its astronauts on weightlessness. It has been doing that for decades with impressive results.

How effective is aquatic therapy?
This space program has had unparalleled success in treating disabled and injured patients. It is the only environment that empowers the disabled to move in various levels. In essence, aquatic therapy is a total wellness approach that provides therapy for the body and the mind. A paralyzed child who seems totally dependent in a wheel chair, once placed in water, is totally and fully reinvigorated. The injured patient is able to rebuild the damaged muscle without exposing it to pain and stress, which is usually the case with land exercises.

Once a disabled child gets used to the water, he/she is no longer satisfied just to float. The boxed-in energy found a home at last. The child has found an environment, which allows movement up and down, to play games and have fun. Clearly, the water environment changes the child from a watcher into a doer. For the first time, the disabled can have fun and be whole again.

Where to find equipment, supplies & educational material about aquatic therapy?
Certainly, those questions are faced by parents of disabled children, disabled adults and injured patients. Where does one find all needed material for a proper aquatic therapy program? This is a specialty, which is not readily available. Clearly, the challenge is to find quality educational material and quality equipment.

At Rothhammer International, aquatic therapy is its specialty. This unique company have been in business for 28 years, with thousands of satisfied customers. Rothhammer International is the industry leader with its emphasis on selling only the best in educational materials and the products.

There are warranties on main equipment such as “aquatic wheel chair and aquatic shower wheelchair”. Rothhammer International strives to develop and stock all aquatic therapy equipment, tools, games, exercise material, educational resources (books, tapes... etc.). It is a phenomenal one stop shop.

If you ask individuals and representatives of institutions who attempted to develop aquatic therapy programs on their own, they will tell you about the challenge and the responsibility in finding the required quality equipment. Part of the difficulty, is not knowing what to look for, what is appropriate and what is safe? However, this is not a problem once you contact Rothhammer International. All questions are answered in detail in a large multi-color catalog. If you still have questions, or are looking for suggestions, ideas ... etc. you are welcome to contact its offices at:

.Rothhammer International, Inc.
P.O. Box 3840
San Luis Obispo,, CA 93403, USA
Phone (805)541-5330
TOLL-FREE (800) 235-2156
FAX Phone (805)541-5339
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